City Archive Delft
Harnaschpolder Delft
Archival Repositories, public reading room, offices and workspaces
Address: Harnaschpolder Delft
Gross floor area: 2.160 m2
Client: City of Delft
Architecture: Office Winhov in collaboration with Gottlieb Paludan Architects (DK)
Photographer: Stefan Müller

The Delft Archive is an important building for the city. It is the place to store and access the history of this old city; it is treasure room, study room and time machine in one. The new archive building is situated at the closing head of a narrow park that connects the site to the historic centre of Delft. The building has a compact organisation with offices, workshops and reading rooms at the ground floor and the archive depots in the floors above. The efficient layout allows for flexible use whilst supporting the sustainability of the building. The public reading rooms are situated along the entire facade facing the park and form the welcoming address of the building. The brick facade expresses the timeless and robust character of the building with storage as its main purpose. The rich relief in the facade connects the building to the elaborated tradition of brick buildings in Delft. The white concrete plinth clearly refers to the image of the public buildings in the historic centre of the city.

The rich relief in the facade
The archive depots are situated on top of a white concrete plinth 
The archive depots on top of the public plinth 
Reference, Jan Schoonhoven, Combination 1968 
South facade 
Front facade along the park 
Model facade study 
Longitudinal section 
Lining of the reading room. Art bij Amie Dicke 
View from the park 
Situation Harnaschpolder 
Facade fragment, reading room and entrance 
The entrance for the Delft Archive arrived on site