De Korhoenders residential and care building
Klein Driene, Hengelo
12 individual care apartments, common rooms
Address: Händelstraat 77-101, Hengelo
Gross floor area: 1.280 m2
Client: Welbions, De Korhoenders Foundation
Urban planning: Wy Architecten, Municipality of Hengelo
Design team: Joost Hovenier, Jan Peter Wingender, Jarno van Essen, Berry Beuving
Contractor: Dura Vermeer
Photographer: Stefan Müller

De Korhoenders is a care home for young people with a mental or physical impairment. Their parents conceived the building programme with its twelve self-contained apartments, two communal living rooms and care facilities. The building should be regarded as a large house. The communal spaces, such as the wide corridors leading to the apartments, are designed as informal meeting places. The project is situated in the residential district of Klein Driene, a post-war expansion in the city of Hengelo. Existing and new buildings together form an open ensemble of houses set in a green landscape. The large windows around the building are either recessed (the apartments) or flush with the facade (the communal areas). These windows underline the visibility of the new programme as well as ensuring contact between residents and the neighbourhood. The size of the building, its roof and the use of brick help it integrate into its surroundings.

View out of the corridor
The building seen from the neighbourhood 
The Kleine Driene neighbourhood 
Residents of De Korhoenders 
Perspective view from the Händelstraat 
Ground floor, first floor 
Façade fragment 
View of the back facade 
Windows opening up the staircases