Lommerrijk residential block
Kolenkitbuurt, Amsterdam
106 apartments
Address: Blauwvoetstraat 1-91, Amsterdam
Gross floor area: 19.160 m2
Client: VOF Kolenkitbuurt Zuid
Urban planning: Andries Geerse
Ontwerp team: Renske Bäckes, Berry Beuving, Hilda van Gortel, Joost Hovenier, Charles Hueber, Freddy Koelemeijer, Alissa Labeur, Martijn Meester, Coen Smit, Tim Tensen, Jan Peter Wingender
Contractor: Bouwbedrijf M.J.de Nijs en Zonen
Fence design: Baukje Trenning
Garden design: DS landschapsarchitecten
Photographer: Stefan Müller

The original plan for ‘Bos en Lommer’ was a meeting of classical notions on architecture and the modern ideal of 'air, light and space'. An important aspect of redeveloping the southern part of the Kolenkit neighbourhood, a part of Bos en Lommer, is the continuity of its distinct urban fabric with leafy streets and articulated slab buildings. The first plan for this area consists of six buildings arranged around a communal garden and courtyard. Under the courtyard and the dwellings lies a semi-underground car park. Characteristic elements in the existing neighbourhood influence the architectural details. Floor-to-ceiling windows generate a neutral rhythm for the facade. A rich variety of dwelling types is subordinate to the appearance of the building as a whole. The design of the plinths, roof overhang, balconies and porched entrances ensures a dynamic appearance. The balustrades in the street facade feature a pattern that matches the Amsterdam tradition of oriental motifs in ornamentation.

Facade Blauwvoetstraat
Facade Erasmusgracht 
Close-up of balcony railing 
Entrance hall 
View over the Kolenkitbuurt 
Floor plan, ground floor Floor plan, first floor Floor plan, fourth floor Section Site plan Facade section
Bos en Lommer 1938 
Floor plan, ground floor 
Entrance to the inner court 
Roof patio