Masterplan Reussbuhl
Luzern, Switzerland
Urban design plan, Reussbuhl
Address: Reussbühl West, Luzern
Gross floor area:
 54.750 m2
Client: Stadt Luzern
In collaboration with office haratori

The horizontality of the former alluvium where the rivers Emme and Reuss meet builds a characteristic contrast to the neighbouring slopes. The flat lands give way to a historically grown orthogonal pattern in which relations between buildings are built over spaces with an industrial character. These characteristics of orthogonal relations, a single building height with carefully positioned vertical accents, 'industrial' based public spaces and the views to the slopes constitute the basis of the re-development of the site. The robust framework follows the existing urban structure and respects the various ownerships allowing for a flexible development. Existing buildings are respected and can be replaced over time lending them a meaningful role in the ensemble. Opening to the Hauptstrasse the characteristic Shed Halle forms the address of a new office and residential building. Towards the historic centre it forms the Reussbühlplatz connecting the residential area on the slope to this new piece of city.



Old and new around the central axis
Cross section 
Urban model 
View from the Hauptstrasse 
Existing sheds along Haupstrasse 
Former factory buildings 
Situation plan 
Parkspace towards the west