Houses on the edge of the village
Buytenwech-Oost, Nieuwkoop
40 low energy houses, 2 energy neutral houses
Address: Windhaak, Buytenwech-Oost, Nieuwkoop
Gross floor area: 8.250 m2
Client: Vink bouw
Urban planning: KAW
Photographer: Stefan Müller
Prizes: ‘Sustainable housing’ Fritz Höger Preis 2011

This new development in Nieuwkoop displays a modest silhouette. It blends in with the open landscape of the ‘Green Heart of Holland’ as care has been taken to keep the volumes and facades of the dwellings in proportion, and to group them in pairs. Large recessed windows make for a characteristic expression as well as providing splendid views over the surrounding peat meadows. Coherence is created by means of a consistent palette of materials and by making the plinths and property boundaries all correspond. These dwellings are energy-efficient with an EPC rating of 0.44 to 0.56. Two ‘Zero Energy’ houses, which provide for all their own energy needs, are included in the plan. These two dwellings are no different from the others in terms of design, apart from a “perpetuum mobile” facade decoration that signifies how exceptional these houses are.

View towards het Groene Hart
The merging of houses into an ensemble 
Housing types 
Reference: Edward Hopper's studio in Cape Cod 
Side facade with panoramic window 
Facade zero energy house 
Site plan 
Semi-detached houses 
Characteristic gable facade