Office management/Architect:
Henk Tiegelaar

Elizabeth Acland
Jasper ten Bosch
Rick Bruggink
Anna Janssen
Moniek Kamphuis
Dominique de Rond
Susanna Scholten
Carlo van Steen
Anna Tabellini
Inez Tan

Technical design:
Charles Hueber
Leon Kentrop
Peter Nagtzaam

Virginia Donadini
Caroline Schmid
Bob van der Vleugel

Rike Blom

Aeliane van den Ende

Joost Hovenier was co-founder and partner of the office until he passed away in 2016. His work focused on renovations and extensions of buildings of special historical significance and on housing projects on complex sites with a particular interest in student housing and residential care. On top of that he was the editor-in-chief of ‘Local Heroes’ and lectured on architecture and the work of Office Winhov throughout Europe.

Joost paid particular attention to the relationship between buildings and their place in the city in his work. The importance he placed on the robust embedding of buildings within their context found great resonance within the office and remains a central theme in our designs.