W Hotel Exchange
Transformation of a historic building into a five-star hotel
Address: Spuistraat 175, Amsterdam
Gross floor area: 13.650 m2
Client: Europe Hotels | Private Collection
Architecture: Office Winhov
Team: Uri Gilad, Joost Hovenier, Carlo van Steen, Charles Hueber, Angeliki Loutisou, Pascal Henneberque, Narda Beunders, Anna Tabellini, Camille Moreau
Interior design: Baranowitz + Kronenberg
Photographer: Stefan Müller

The design for the former Government Office for Transactions and Telephony will give this historic building a second life by transforming it into a five-star hotel with 176 rooms. Joseph Crouwel originally designed the building in 1925 and was influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Larkin building. The building has a robust concrete construction with a monumental brick facade. The project involves restoring the exterior of the building and replacing the façade of the inner court. A new refined glass construction will be added that extends into a panoramic roof structure. These additions form a complementing yet contrasting intervention in the existing building. The hotel facilities, reception, bar and restaurant, open to the public will be located on the uppermost floor, which will allow the visitors to experience a wonderful view of the city. The new panoramic floor also underlines the new public character of the building with an upsidedown hotel concept. W hotel Amsterdam will include both the former Government Office for Transactions and Telephony and the former Kas Bank building.


New facade inner court
Rijkskantoorgebouw voor Geld- en Telefoonbedrijf 1928 
W Hotel Amsterdam 2015 
View from Raadhuisstraat 
The swimming pool on the roof 
Removal of the existing additions Monument and new additions
Removal of the existing additions 
View from the Dam square 
Original concrete construction and new inner court 
Original main construction 3rd floor 
Mr Potter restaurant 
Public terrace with view to the Royal Palace 
Transformation of the inner courts 
The new bridge to the restaurant 
Section over the existing building and new additions Site plan
Facade Raadhuisstraat 
Section over the existing building and new additions 
Transformation of the inner courts 
New facade inner court 
View from W Lounge 
Glass sample of the new facades 
View from Paleisstraat 
Hotel room