The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
Transformation and renovation of the reception areas and public halls, and a long-term vision for the restoration of the historic complex.
Address: Kloveniersburgwal 27,29,31 Amsterdam
Client and owner: Central Government Real Estate Agency
User: Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
Architecture: Office Winhov with HOEK architecture & preservation
Team: Joost Hovenier, Uri Gilad, Anna Karina Janssen, Carlo van Steen, Rutger van der Meer, Steven Reisinger, Charles Hueber, Camille Moreau, Myrsini Alexandridi

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) is the proud tenant of the Trippenhuis in Amsterdam. The KNAW staff work, guests are received and meetings and symposia are held in this monumental and famous building and the adjacent premises. The Trippenhuis was built between 1660 and 1662 for the brothers Louys and Hendrick Trip, rich traders in weapons and ammunition. Their prestigious home was designed by a leading architect of the Golden Age, Justus Vingboons. The original design is characterised by a spatial structure of rooms and halls, with the corridors, staircases and light shafts located in the centre of the building. This system of rooms and halls, such as the Rembrandt Hall, serves as the guideline for the design by Office Winhov. Our proposed design for the new reception area of the KNAW is a suite of aligned halls. The present entrance area in the monument is the first important link in this system of halls that extends to the new reception area. Taken together, these areas form a generous route to the conference hall at the rear. The reception area is an important addition to this suite and affords the KNAW and the conference area a representative face to the outside world on the Kloveniersburgwal.

View from the new garden room
Model overview of rooms 
Collage of monumental and new floors of the Trippenhuis complex 
Historical situation Trippenhuis around 1870 
The new facade on the Kloverniersburgwal 
Impression of a room 
View towards the library, Trippenhuis 
Rembrandtzaal, Trippenhuis 
Impression of the new design for the Tinbergenzaal 
Seuil in the new foyer