Business Director/Architect:
Henk Tiegelaar

Elizabeth Acland
Jasper ten Bosch
Alma Bouwens
Rick Bruggink
Alice Dicker
Daan Groeneveld
Anna Janssen
Dominique de Rond
Carlo van Steen
Levi Noah Steevensz
András Szél
Inez Tan
Caroline Versteden
Bob van der Vleugel
Martijn van Wijk

Technical Design:
Charles Hueber
Leon Kentrop
Peter Nagtzaam

Mara Aumund
Arjan Post

Graphic Design/Communication:
Karen Willey

Aeliane van den Ende

Office assistant:
Mara-Flor Silva da Cruz

Joost Hovenier (1963–2016):
Joost Hovenier was co-founder and partner of Office Winhov until his passing in 2016

Jan Peter Wingender, co-founder and partner at Office Winhov, focuses in his work on the development of complex urban ensembles, residential as well as civic buildings and the renovation and extension of buildings of special historical significance. He designs buildings that endure and believes buildings to be more than individual objects but rather part of the urban environment which they in turn also shape. Exploring the diverse and often complex relations between place, building typology, the use of material and the function proves pivotal to his work. Jan Peter is directly involved with the office projects in the Netherlands and Switzerland and liable for the communication with the clients.

Jan Peter studied at Eindhoven University of Technology and the Berlage Institute in Amsterdam. He regularly lectures, writes about architecture and is a guest lecturer at architecture schools within the Netherlands and abroad. From 2003 to 2007, he was head of the architecture program at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. He was lecturer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Arts and published the book Brick, An Exacting Material in 2016. Jan Peter was appointed supervisor of the Pampusbuurt on Amsterdam IJburg in 2023.