Private house on Rieteiland
Private house
Address: Rieteiland Jburg, Amsterdam
Gross floor area: 252m2
Clients: A. Roelofs and J. van de Weg
Design Team: Joost Hovenier, Charles Hueber, Giles Townshend, Coen Smit, Jan Peter Wingender
in collaboration with Anouk Roelofs en Joost van de Weg
Interior: clients with Studio de Klijn
Photographer: Stefan Müller

Kleine Rieteiland is an island located south of IJburg with views across the open water to the Diemerpark. The island’s main street is flanked by continuous rows of individual dwellings that were built by the owner’s initiative. The layout of the house reflects the contrast between the closed structure of the island and the openness of the landscape. On the street side, the house has an entrance courtyard with a closed facade in light brick. Behind this facade the house opens towards the sun and the water. Following the contours of the dike profile, the house has a sunken patio with underground bedrooms. This patio is the centre of the house, allowing light to penetrate deep into adjacent rooms. Diagonal views through the patio link bedrooms and study rooms to the kitchen and living room on the garden side. The large roof terrace on the first floor offers panoramic views over the open landscape.

Light in the heart of the house
View from Lisdoddelaan 
View towards the patio 
View from roof terrace towards the house 
View from dining area 
Reference, Katsura: Chushoin. South side of the first room and second room (left) 1981/82. © Ishimoto Yasuhir 
Fitting into the dyke profile 
The conversation pit 
View from the roof terrace 
Interior finish