Pillows Hotel Oosterpark
Pillows Hotel Oosterpark
Transformation of former laboratory building in the Oosterpark
Address: Mauritskade 61, Amsterdam
Gross floor area: 9.050 m² including parking garage
Client and owner: Amerborgh International
User: Pillows Hotel
Architecture: Office Winhov
Team: Uri Gilad, Rick Bruggink, Tuğba Gündoğdu, Leon Kentrop, Antonio Cannavacciuolo,
Rogier van den Brink, Inez Tan, Charlotte Bonie Toro
Interior architecture: Studio Linse
Photography constructions: Wijnanda Duits and Stefan Müller
Visualization: Studio Rogier van den Brink
Pillows Hotel Oosterpark

The building, designed by architect Jan Bernard Springer, was built in 1909 as a dissection laboratory for the University of Amsterdam. The massive brick building has a formal facade on the streetside and three wings facing the park. Particular in the existing interior are the walls of glazed brick in the corridors and the large space and truss constructions of the former museum hall. These elements will remain visible and will determine the atmosphere. New interventions have been designed in conjunction. With the relocation of the laboratory, the building lost its original function after almost 80 years. As part of the transformation of the Oosterpark, the building was given a new purpose as a hotel. The ambition of the design by Office Winhov is to strengthen the relationship between the building and the adjacent Oosterpark. Private areas surrounding the building are designed as an extension of the park, allowing it to manifest itself within the heart of the building. A unique semi-public program will be realized in each wing of the building, each with its own relationship to the park. One wing will be expanded with a new volume consisting of hotel rooms and a freely accessible brasserie on the ground floor. When developing the architectural expression for the new building component, a connection with the existing building has been made.

Pillows Hotel Oosterpark
Construction of the extension
Arial view over the Oosterpark, photo Sibe Swart
Site plan Cross section West facade
Site plan
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View from Mauritskade towards the laboratorium building around 1915
Model of the original building and extension
The monumental staircase
The Vrolikzaal
Impression: view from the park towards the building and the new extension
Construction of the new extension, photo C&R Hospitality Services (February 2021) Construction of the basement and the new extension on the park side, photo Bas Stoffels
Construction of the new extension, photo C&R Hospitality Services (February 2021)
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The new extension, side view
Construction of the extension (May 2022)
Original design Extension during construction Current situation Extension Office Winhov
Original design
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The new brick
The new extension, front view